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March 5, 2021

Our Way of Life PAC, formed by a network of conservative Republican leaders and entrepreneurs, launched today in Kansas with a current focus on unifying the GOP field and preventing a wasteful primary fight in the 2022 Kansas gubernatorial campaign.

Our Way of Life PAC supporters have heard from potential GOP candidates who are considering running for Kansas Governor. After meetings and extensive reviews of their records and credentials, combined with analytical data from recent polling, the PAC is now encouraging Attorney General Derek Schmidt to join the race. The PAC will independently support his candidacy – if he runs – and we call on other potential candidates not to run for the good of our state and the Kansas Republican Party.

“It’s time to restore strong, Republican leadership to Kansas. Attorney General Derek Schmidt has an unblemished record of success in Kansas elections, and he is a proven conservative and a champion of our Constitution,” said Gary Harshberger, Kansas farmer and businessman. “Our network joins thousands of Kansans in encouraging Derek Schmidt to run, and he has our unwavering support in this campaign.”

Kansas Republicans lost a devastating gubernatorial race in 2018 with a field of Republican candidates that could not produce a viable winner. It is paramount that the Republican Party does not cannibalize itself in the 2022 primary. Derek Schmidt leads the potential field in recent polling, even without millions of dollars spent promoting him in recent years, unlike others.

Our Way of Life PAC has conducted polling over the last 72 hours. Derek Schmidt leads the field—even over the immediate past governor. The results are:

Schmidt: 27.7%
Colyer: 19.2%
Ryckman: 4.5%
(N=510, +/-4.34% MOE, March 3-4)

Our Way of Life PAC will remain active in independently supporting Derek Schmidt through the November 2022 election.

Paid for by Our Way of Life PAC. Kayla Glaze, Treasurer.
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